NIGNITE is technology consulting company with wealth of experience in producing high quality software. We provide technical solutions and resources to ensure successful business placement and growth.

Long lasting relationships that we have with our customers are testament of our dedication and quality of a product we deliver. We are developing software for various industries: from cement, steel, mining, food production to business, healthcare and entertainment.

What We Do

1. Consulting

Have an idea? We know how to make it happen. Call us.

2. Software solutions

If you know what you want to achieve we can plan, design and develop it. Tell us what your requirements are and we’ll give you a bid.

3. Time & resources

For evolving projects or the ones that are forecasted to have a long run. We negotiate hourly rate, you’re in control of how you utilize your budget.

4. Dedicated teams

You can drive but need a crew to make the thing roll? We got you covered. Tailor the team to your liking and make the best use of the talent.

Fixed Budget & Scope

  • Very conventional model that ensures delivery of goods within specific time frame based on well-defined functionality set
  • Presumes upfront investment in time and effort to collect or define requirements
  • Not as flexible in terms of changing requirements during the execution of a project
  • Can be in Agile development model tho
  • Less suitable for projects where requirements are likely to change during project execution

Dedicated team

  • Dedicated backbone team works on current development and maintenance.
  • Side projects and spikes in demand that dictate usage of additional resources are handled in some other model of engagement


  • Custom tailored team according to customer needs to work on single or several projects
  • Client shares reporting an managing duties with NIGNITE
  • Possibility of integration between client’s and NIGNITE’s teams
  • Overall control of scope of the project may be handled to a client which ensures flexible change of course in necessary
  • Agile model suits this model of cooperation well

Time and Budget Controlled

  • Fixed-time iterations with in advance specified and hard budget constraint
  • Client’s financial exposure is controlled per phase and accountability is made more natural. Project vendor’s further engagement in a project is dictated by client’s analysis of previous interactions


Our annual team building

21 Sep. 2018

We got out of our usual work environment and went on an adventure together.

Welcome future software engineers!

10 Aug. 2018

A new group of motivated and enthusiastic university student engineers has joined this year's NIGNITE Summer Internship program.


We are looking for qualified candidates who are eager to become a part of our team. Whether you’re looking to learn new skills or wish to participate in developing a high-quality software solutions, we would like to hear from you.

Open positions

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